Anthony Cockayne

During the month of June, I made a visit to Whitby in Yorkshire, with leading Plath scholar Dr. Gail Crowther. The purpose of the trip was to see if we could create a body of work relating to Plath's short story 'The Perfect Place', written in 1961. She would write the short story after an inspirational visit to the delightful coastal Town. Our resulting collaboration produced Writings and Artworks that can now be viewed at

Gail Crowther

And at the site maintained by Peter K Steinberg.

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"A Year's Turning," Sylvia Plath's life in Devon by Elizabeth Sigmund and Gail Crowther published by Fonthill is now available in bookshops. The painting of "The Moon and the Yew Tree"
on the book jacket, by Anthony Cockayne is available as a pigment print and can be ordered through the contact page of this site.

Author Gail Crowther and Artist Anthony Cockayne will be presenting a short talk, with slides at Hornsey Library on the 18th of February at 7pm, followed by a book signing.

An image of the book cover and painting can be found in the gallery.

I was drawing and painting from early childhood, when I would make pictures on the distempered, scraped walls of my family home. There, the readiness of offcut wallpaper, a cheap and available surface, was ideal for me to work on.

Entering the Life Class at a dangerously early age, encouraged by my drawing teacher (a graduate of The Bauhaus) I perceived the naked, human form, through a hanging pall of cigar smoke. I was told to look hard and draw.

And back at my family home, the garden, part cultivated part wild,was the perfect place to experience the sanctity of the natural world. The treetop cradle, of the bramley apple tree, an ideal place to lie and gaze at the sky and dream.

By the start of the seventies, I was in Art School full time and living in London, where I still live and work. Over the years a number of exhibition opportunities followed, solo and group and by the mid 90's I had shown work with the internationally established Raab Gallery of Berlin. The work continues to evolve but an interest in colour, line and the energy within the spirit of place, remains as important as ever. New work is exhibited annually in London.

Influences:- Palmer, Redon, Bonnard, Balthus, Giorgione, Titian, Kahlo, Hitchens, Cranach, Goya, The Expressionists and many more.